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JFA Legal Chartered Legal ExecutivesJFA Legal is a firm of Chartered Legal Executives with more than 15 years of experience.

What is a Chartered Legal Executive?

Legal Executives have existed for a long time but have only recently obtained chartered status. Chartered Legal Executives have always been qualified and regulated lawyers, however, this new status means that you can now be further assured of receiving quality advice from an experienced professional.

The main difference between a Chartered Legal Executive and a solicitor is the training. The training a Chartered Legal Executive undergoes is far more focused on the area of law they will specialise in, meaning that they often have a higher level of expertise and practical experience within these specialised areas.

Chartered Legal Executives are fully qualified and regulated lawyers who can provide guidance direct to clients. This is what sets Chartered Legal Executives apart – we can you give fast, direct, expert advice without the large fees that come with a firm of solicitors.

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What does JFA Legal do?

Our expert team is made up of lawyers specialising in:

Assistance with problems at work

• Disciplinary and grievance procedures

• Employment Tribunal claims

• Personal Injury


Why choose us?

Keeping costs downAt JFA Legal, it's simple – you need straight legal advice and we provide it. We know that every person is unique and there is no 'one size fits all' solution. We provide bespoke services for our clients, giving you peace of mind that your claim will be dealt with in an efficient and cost effective way.

We have a flexible approach, meaning that you are never tied into agreements to continue to use us for every aspect of your legal representation. We continually review your needs and accommodate them in a way that suits you, our valued client, best. We will work with you as a team, providing a professional, accessible legal service tailored to your requirements.

When you use JFA Legal, you bypass the hefty cost of using a firm of solicitors without compromising on quality of service. Our hourly rates are the lowest you'll find, for the best legal advice and guidance available. Our fees are around two-thirds cheaper than those of the average solicitor. This means you can afford the legal service you need to ensure that you won't be caught out by having to forego crucial legal consultation simply because you can't afford large legal fees.



Great advice and suggested revisions to address our situation.
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Thanks Jenny for your professional help. You are very good at what you do.

I will be in contact if there are any replies etc.
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Responsive and knowledgeable service provider. JFA Legal also worked more hours than was on the bill. Thank you.
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Honest Advice is a trading name of JFA Legal Limited. JFA Legal Limited is incorporated in England and Wales, company registration number 6251946, registered office, 49 Station Road, Southport, PR8 3HH. Individual chartered legal executives are regulated by ILEX professional standards.